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The BYU SCCR is committed to making a significant contribution to finding a cure for cancer. Please reference our faculty list to view the research that is being completed in each lab across campus.

A few of the center’s notable accomplishments include:

1989– Discovered COX-2 enzyme, present in tumors and the basis for the development of Celebrex

1992– Discovered enzyme linked to breast cancer recurrence

1995– Demonstrated that bacterial solution on skin activates immune system to combat tumor growth

1998– Identified a protein that pumps chemotherapeutic drugs out of cancer cells

2003– Successfully used ultrasound technology for targeted drug delivery to cancer cells

2006– Developed 99% efficient method for synthesis of Leukemia drug, Cladribine

2010– Discovered BMP2 protein, indicated in cell nucleus development

2011– Created a nucleoside with selective toxicity against colon cancer cells

2014– Discovered Programmed Cell Death 5, instrumental in blocking cell division in cancerous cells

2014 – Discovered a novel mechanism used by tumor cells to activate autophagy, a process that promotes chemo-resistance in many cancer types