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How to Become a Fellow

The Simmons Center fellowship programs offer BYU students the chance to fully immerse themselves in cancer research either year-round or during the spring and summer terms.

Our On-campus and Year-round fellowships are for BYU students that are already in a lab at BYU doing cancer research. Collaborative fellowships also require you to already be working in a BYU lab and are for students that want to continue their BYU research at a host lab off-campus. Students coordinate with mentors from both BYU and host institutions to create this experience. External fellowships are for students that have little to no lab experience or are wanting an undergraduate experience outside their BYU lab.

How do I get in a BYU lab?
Fall semester is a great time of year to get involved in a lab and set yourself to apply for a fellowship later in the year. Start by looking through the Simmons Centerfaculty and read about their research. Reach out to the professors whose research interests you, and ask to get involved in their lab.

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