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Woolley, Adam

Dr. Adam Woolley



B.S. Chemistry, Brigham Young University (1992). Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley (1997). Runyon-Winchell Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University (1998-2000)

Cancer Research

My group works at the interface between chemistry, engineering and biology. Thus, students receive broad technical training and are well poised to contribute in these key research fields. A common theme in my research is the interrelationship between biological molecules and miniaturization. In relation to cancer, we are utilizing miniaturization tools to detect and quantify clinically relevant biomolecules.

A. 3D printed microfluidic systems for biomarker analysis:  We are developing 3D printing to create microfluidic systems that combine extraction, fluorescent labeling and separation all in a single microchip. These devices can provide high-throughput, point of care screening from a finger stick quantity of blood to measure cancer biomarker levels. 

B. Sequence-specific DNA capture and labeling: We are developing methods for rapid extraction and fluorescent labeling of specific nucleic acid sequences present in blood samples. We use microfluidic systems with solid supports designed to selectively capture nucleic acid sequences, for example, related to cancer. The retained nucleic acids are then labeled fluorescently for subsequent high sensitivity detection.


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