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2019 Fellowship Program brings new growth and research opportunities

The 2019 SCCR Spring/Summer Fellowship Program introduces largest-ever research cohort to new opportunities.

April 24, 2019

PROVO, Utah — The BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research kicked off its 2019 Spring/Summer Fellowship Program on April 18. This year's program will fund a total of 31 undergraduate and graduate students, the most in its history. Of the 31 students who will spend the summer researching as SCCR fellows, 17 will be researching at renowned off-campus facilities and universities.

This year's program is notable, as the majority of students will be able to research at other facilities and bring their discoveries and learning back to BYU.

"Through the generosity of donors, the Simmons Center has recently been able to expand its fellowship program to include cancer research opportunities at other institutions in addition to the longstanding on-campus program where students work closely with BYU faculty," said Dr. Steve Castle, Associate Director at the SCCR. "We are excited to provide more students than ever with the chance to perform cancer research, and we look forward to seeing the results of their hard work over the summer."

The 17 students leaving BYU this summer will research at the cancer research labs at Harvard University, Stanford University, Ohio State State University, CU Denver and Tolero Pharmaceuticals.

The SCCR funded 24 students during its 2018 fellowship program, including 6 who research at sites off-campus.

Visit our fellowship page to learn more about the program and other opportunities available.